Small Business Office Hours

Free office hours for small business owners.

Meet your Seattle Small Business Advocate.

Get free business advice and learn how to navigate the City.

Learn how the Seattle Small Business Development Team can help you with: -navigating the city permitting process; -finding consultant services; -understanding licensing requirements; -connect to other support organizations; -financing; and -advocating for your small business.


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Beauty and the Brunch

Health begins with what you put inside your body, but what you put on your body is just as important! Kara Petry, a BeautyCounter consultant and WP member Aimee Gallo are hosting a healthy skin care workshop. Kara will tell us about safer and healthier skin care products for both men and women (including some to try), educate us on the state of regulation in beauty care in the US, and show us what we can do to protect ourselves and those we love. Aimee will provide a light smattering of healthy, skin-glowing brunch items and mimosas will be provided! RSVP necessary:

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