Works Progress No Reception or Limited Reception

From Monday, December 24 through Friday, January 4, Works Progress will have no or limited reception. 

Works Progress will not be accepting tours or trail days during this time.

If you are a current member at Works Progress - you will have access during your regular working hours. 

What does that mean? Here are some basic holiday closure FAQ: 

1. Will I be able to get in to work? YES. Any weekday during your regular working hours, you will need to use your keycard to enter the back door. The front doors will remain locked during most of the holiday. You will also need to stop by the front desk and sign the information form that tells you what to do if you are the last person on site and what to do in an emergency AND we will give you the appropriate temporary door code

2. What about my mail and packages? Mail and packages will continue to be collected, either during temporary reception on-site or downstairs with our agreement with Dreamstrands Comics. Mary or Marnee will be occasionally stopping by to accept, sort, and distribute mail and packages. Note: if you would like to personally receive a package that you know is coming - please provide the delivery company instructions to deliver from the back door. 

3. Can I bring a guest? If you need to meet with a client during this time, please personally greet them at the back door and reserve a meeting room. Please also let us know by email that you will be bringing a visitor in during reception closure. 

4. Who will make the coffee? That will be you! Need a primer on our coffee pot? Catch Mary or Marnee before the 24th. 

5. Who will take out the garbage? That's a great question. We are glad you asked! If any of the garbage is overflowing, please take it out to the dispencer that we will be placing in the back of the building near the entrance. We will be placing a lock on the dispencers in the back, and will hang a key near the microwave. There are new garbage bags, recycling bags, and compost bags under the sink/microwave in the cabinet.

6. Will the cleaners still be coming? Yes. Their schedule might be slightly different, but they will still be stopping by.  

7. Where will you be? Mary and Marnee will both be taking some time off and may or may not be in the state, however, one or the other will be stopping by several days a week to check-in and distribute mail, packages, etc. Kimber will also be checking in regularly. 

8. Still have questions? Email Marnee and Mary at or stop by reception before the 24th! 

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