Windows Install Party

The latest version (1903; May 2019 Update) of Windows 10 is ready for the public. This is the 5th release of Windows 10, and many people are scratching their heads.

From stuck updates disrupting workflow to significantly less storage space, there are many bugs - with some simple fixes!

We can help you! We'll walk you through each step of the way and problems that you might run into to ensure that your update is done right and with the minimum amount of frustration.

Cost: $50/pp
Date: Saturday, July 19
Time: Starting at 10am (expected duration 2-3 hours)
Includes: USB Volume with installation software of the latest build of Windows 10 (v1003) and other popular applications (Chrome, Acrobat Reader, WinRAR,, Adobe CC Installer, ESET Antivirus tool, and more).


  • Limit 5 participants. 
  • One LAPTOP computer per person. 
  • If you want to install Windows on a Mac, you will need a license first (see below). 
  • Home or Pro versions
  • You MUST backup your software before the event, because we will be erasing your computer to install a "fresh" copy of Windows 10 (the most pain-free method). 
  • Must already have a computer that includes Windows 7, Windows 8.x, or Windows 10, or purchased a license for Windows 10. 
About Windows 10:
Microsoft has announced that it will be releasing 4 versions of Windows 10 per year, each version will include a new feature and some other enhancements. However, the last release of Windows (Build 1809) did not go as planned. It was scheduled to be installed via the Windows update tool, but the pre-release version messed up some computers. As a result, Microsoft decided not to force the upgrade on everyone. The next build is now ready, and will be applied via a Windows update at some point in the future.

Our resident IT guru, Kimber Hall, will be walking you through the update process. Kimber has noticed that many of the computers that had problems with the upgrade, had the original copy of Windows 10, upgrading from the first few versions seems to cause problems. His recommendation, based on working on multiple upgrades, is to erase the computer and installing a Microsoft-Direct version of Windows 10 (v1903) that does not include factory or restore versions. On many laptops, there are also 3rd party drivers that will need to be reinstalled. Kimber will be on-hand to help get those drivers installed again, without some of the pre-installed problems that have been effecting the Windows 10 update.

Where to purchase your licenses:
Release Numbers:
Windows 10 License
Pro $189:
Home $129:
OEM Home DVD $99:
Pro $199                 
Home $139:

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