Small Business Office Hours

Free office hours for small business owners.

Meet your Seattle Small Business Advocate.

Get free business advice and learn how to navigate the City.

Learn how the Seattle Small Business Development Team can help you with: -navigating the city permitting process; -finding consultant services; -understanding licensing requirements; -connect to other support organizations; -financing; and -advocating for your small business.


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Media Lab Tour and Video Production Basics

Works Progress has a media lab with equipment for editing video, sound, and creating video material. Walk through the orientation for the lab equipment, including computers, video supplies, VR equipment, graphics introduction, and more. Each Friday, take the general tour and learn the basics of equipment operation, how to check it in and out, and the best way to optimize costs. RSVP for the tour:

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Podcast Production for Beginners

Have you been curious about what it would take to start your own podcast show? This is an opportunity to test the Works Progress sound equipment and a couple of podcasting apps. Works Progress has some basic equipment. We'll show you where to find it and how to use it. We'll try out some basic episodes and how to edit them. Take your ideas to the next level. RSVP to

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