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PTS employs a standard work process and quality control mechanism composed of three steps; translation, editing and proofreading. Please feel free to contact us via for additional information.


Translation & notarization of passport (records of exit & entry of border); Notarization of custodianship declaration; Translation & notarization of birth certificate, marriage/divorce certificate, student school report and so on; Translation & notarization of letter of employment, invitation letter, letter of recommendation, certificate of real estate ownership and so on; Translation of contract, agreement, civil judgement and other legal documents; • Translation of the patent application documents; Medical documents, diagnosis, discharge summary, report/article of drug research & development; Technical documents: service manual, product introduction, technical report and so on; Translation of business documents such as business proposal, investment analysis, due diligence, assets evaluation report, patent application, mineral resources document and so on; Website translation between Chinese and English. Interpretation

When vital information has to cross language barriers in real time, there’s no room for error. Princemountain Transnational Services Inc. offers interpreter services for telephonic, onsite and consecutive interpretation services in Chinese and English.