About Works Progress

The Works Progress Cooperative is a coworking space for a diverse group of professionals to work, connect, and grow. Our all-inclusive space enhances productivity, supports career advancement, and cultivates community. 

We support and anticipate your professional needs. All memberships include comfortable workspaces, fast wifi, unlimited printing, reservable conference rooms, private call rooms, kitchen space, and complimentary coffee, tea and snacks.

Our Values - The Triple Bottom Line

Works Progress is focused on the “triple bottom line” of social, environmental, and financial benefits.

  • Social:  Works Progress seeks to create and participate in a thriving local community. 
  • Environment:  As a neighborhood business, we help reduce your commute, share resources, recycle, compost, and reuse materials whenever possible to reduce our environmental footprint as individuals and as a community.
  • Financial:  We provide the practical workspace, tools for gaining knowledge, and a diverse community of professionals supporting the success of our members.

Inclusivity & Accessible Culture

The Works Progress Cooperative seeks to ensure that everyone feels included, welcomed and a sense of belonging when they enter our workspace. No age, culture, race, gender, or perceived difference should hinder anyone from participating in our community.

Meet Our Founder

Marnee Chua, Co-Founder and President of Works Progress

Marnee Chua, Cofounder & Board Chair

Marnee is the executive director for Clarion West, a nonprofit writers workshop. Her background is in nonprofit management and environmental sciences. She has helped to start three non-profits, including The Inc., a coworking space for parents in North Seattle. She spent three years in the Philippines with the U.S. Peace Corps from 1997-1999. 

Mary Watts, Community Cultivator at Works Progress

Mary Watts, Community Cultivator

Mary is an entrepreneur and long-time coworking space member. She is a strong believer in the value of coworking spaces and the support they offer members in creating work-life balance and an independent lifestyle. Mary has worked in diverse fields from health care to high tech to property management. After growing up on a family farm, Mary says that the love of nature has never left her. She is a King County Master Gardener, a community volunteer, and keeps the plants green all over the office!